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Deploy to a specific web application

Ive added the wsp to sharepoint but when deploying it from the SharePoint administration site, it seems that its only possible to deploy globally to the whole server? I wanted to test this in sepa...

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Microsoft updates is breaking the change password functionality

Hi, Thank you for doing this project. I looked at the source it is clean and nicely done! Sorry to say, but I need to report an issue. I tried to install it on test server and was not able to cha...

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Getting issue on method

Getting Accessdenied error when cursor is moving to method to reflect change password for that user. Please refer attached error screenshot for reference.

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Does not work AD LDS

the app does not work with AD LDS user accounts. I get the following error screen whenever i try using it with AD LDS accounts. and the ULS shows the following error messages Spent 0 ms to bind 26...

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The Website cannot be found.

After successfully deployed when i click the button change password content display error message "The webpage cannot be found" I will be so appreciate if someone can help me. Thank you in advanc...

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User Must Change Password at Next Logon

Hello Has anybody had issues with user accounts with 'Change Password at Next Logon' attribute enabled? This seems to result in access being denied to the Sharepoint site hosting the web part, bu...

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Verify if AD-User

Hello Our Sharepoint has 2 authentication method, Active Directory and FBA. It's possible to hide the "Change Password" for FBA User? I tried to fix it with JS, but the click function doesn't wor...

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cannot change password

my AD need min 12 character and combination number and alphabet. For the first time my password have 12 character with combination.. i can change password for first time. for second time to change ...

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Old userid showing after name change

I use the password reset tool on a project server 2013 instance. It works great for normal password resets. However, there seems to be a strange glitch when a user is updated in AD where the tool...

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get error and clear it to continue

when it get error , u'd better clear the divValidation then continue a new function~~ best regards.

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