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Old userid showing after name change


I use the password reset tool on a project server 2013 instance. It works great for normal password resets.

However, there seems to be a strange glitch when a user is updated in AD where the tool shows the old userid.

I first go to AD, and rename the account with a new display name and userid.
I then go to PWA, and change the userid for the account, so the user can log in again.

At this point, when the user logs in, the old display name is in the top right of sharepoint, and when you try to use the password reset tool, it shows the old userid. This wouldn't be so bad, except that any attempts to change the password fail with the error "The old password is incorrect".

I can update the Sharepoint display name easily enough by editing the sharepoint user properties. But renames happen all the time in the summer with people getting married. I was hoping maybe there could be a fix for this, or a possible workaround?


jasjitchopra wrote Jun 26, 2014 at 8:03 PM

Haven you checked this link:

You should use the following command:
stsadm -o migrateuser -oldlogin domain\olduser -newlogin domain\newuser –ignoresidhistory

It will work after that.

Under the hood SP uses the original username even if an AD username has changed.

This issue is not related to my password change tool per se. Default expected behavior in SP.